How to Order

Purchasing Beef

You can purchase beef by the whole, half, or a quarter side.  All of our beef is USDA inspected.
A whole beef will yield approximately 430 lbs of beef per thousand pound.  You will need a large freezer or some friends and family to store that much meat.  When ordering a whole beef you can have your beef processed any way you want.  
A half of a beef will yield approximately 215 lbs of meat.  While a quarter of beef will yield approximately 100lbs of meat.  Our halves and quarters allow you to try all cuts of beef which include ribs, roasts, steaks, stew meat, burger and brisket.  
It is important to us that we make sure you experience all of the cuts, so we are selective in dividing up your share when ordering a half or quarter of beef.
We recommend you call us to order your beef.  This will allow you to ask questions about our beef and how we can make the experince the best possible for you and your family.
Call to order.